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the results. so whatever happens this year, the making of an american president is pretty wonderful thing. that is our show for tonight. i'm john stossel. thanks for watching. ♪ >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> heather: topping the news this hour on the same day that the president attends a private event in california, millions of golden gate state drivers see record-breaking gas prices. we'll tell you why there is so much pain at the pump. >> gregg: george zimmerman goes after a major media company over the shocking edit job on the 911 call at the heart of the case. our legal panel weighs in. >> heather: a young girl tir
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tied to walk in high school hallways after having problems over a romney-ryan t-shirt. >> gregg: 30 days out from election day, the governor is wrapping up a rally with supporters north of palm beach in what many say has now become a post debate victory tour. john roberts joins us from port st. lucy, florida. what is going on there? >> good afternoon. just wrapped up one of the biggest crowds so far. about 12,000 people here at this town square. where president obama won by 12 points back in 2008. he is feeling pretty good about things in florida. a new rasmussen poll has the governor two points ahead. here at this event he was looking to the next presidential
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debate a week from tuesday. he says he has questions on the president from taxes to debt and spending. >> he wants another stimulus? how did the first one work out? he wants to hire more government workers? he wants to pick with winners and losers solyndra, losers in his case. we know where that leads. we have seen the last four years. we don't want four more years like the last four years. >> reporter: the debate at the university on long island is going to include foreign policy. to that end the governor is rolling out the foreign policy ball. he has a big speech on foreign policy at virginia military institute in lexington. >> gregg: tell us how big the first debate is playing out in the campaign ads. >> reporter: both sides are
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trying to portray the other as the bigger fiber. he has new ad from both campaigns and both are saying the other is untruthful from taxes to anything under the sun. take a look. >> i don't have five trillion dollar tax cut. if you just implemented it would cut five trillion dollars. >> i will not produce the taxes paid by high income americans. >> is that actually true? >> the latest, not telling the truth about mitt romney's tax plan. the ap says doesn't add up. abc news, mostly fiction. >> it won't be near 5 trillion dollars. >> reporter: you can expect that to be a point of contention at the debated a week from tuesday, as well. the obama campaign saying the romney performance last wednesday was a performance. romney campaign saying the obama campaign is behaving like a
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seven-year-old kid playing checkers. he wipes the board off the table. >> gregg: reminds me of elementary school, liar, liar, pants on fire. we could go on and on. john roberts, thanks so much. >> air force one expected to touchdown in los angeles any moment. president heading to a private event followed by a campaign 30 days to victory concert at nokia theater in los angeles. it will be packed with celebrity supporters. president will make remarks along with actor and sinsel town george clooney and musical performances by many celebrities we'll get a live report a bit later on. >> heather: political battle breaking out over the number one issue this election season, jobs.
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on friday. the labor department reporting that the unemployment rate for september was right there, 7.8%. the obama campaign out to that go number to show that the recovery is picking up steam, but republicans say the actual jobs picture is far bleaker because that number doesn't account for millions of americans who are underemployed or simply given up for work. it sounds like this political battle may have gotten the start from controversial tweet from jack welsh? >> he is one of most respected former ceos. within minutes. jobs report. he tweeted this. quote, unbelievable jobs numbers. these chicago guys will do anything, can't debate so change numbers. despite no evidence that the numbers were cooked, he refused to retract that statement. he did tell cnn he might have
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added a question mark if he were to do it again. republicans are using them as evidence of a stagnant economy. >> we want to return to full unemployment. what we have -- full employment. but we have seen 37 months in a row of private sector gains. it's far better than losing 100,000 a month as when george bush was in office. >> what is disappointing, the down tick on employment. >> part time work. so people that want full time jobs, taking lower pay, you can't support a family on part-time work. of course, we still have the sad fact that we got the lowest labor participation rate since 1981. >> there were some 582,000 part time jobs created last month. they categorize that number for
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economic reasons. people can't find full time jobs. is there a symbolic victory for the obama administration in getting the under 8% unemployment rate for the first time? >> i think a lot of people would agreement gree with that. they say it had been above 8% for 43 straight months but it doesn't undo the hardship that many americans feel. >> americans didn't wake up and say, hey, everything is fixed. to quote the words of the vice president. >> the other rate remains unchanged from august. >> heather: doug, thank you. >> gregg: the price of a gallon of gasoline hitting an all time high in the state of california. according to aaa the average price for a gallon of regular in the golden state, 4.65 a gallon. that is up four cents from just
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yesterday. drivers in need of some help at the pump. >> i have nv seen this near this. >> it has gone up 52 cents. >> we had a refinery owned by exxon that had a power outage. >> they say temporary reduction in supply is giving the state the most expensive gasoline in the nation. a dramatic jump of the cases of fungal meningitis outrage. according to cdc, 7 people are dead. now 91 cases in nine different states linked to contaminated steroid injections commonly used to treat back pain. elizabeth pran has more on it. >> reporter: those new numbers released, 19 cases. the cases are mostly in the state of michigan where 15
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people have contracted the disease, seven more in virginia. a total of died in tennessee, michigan, maryland and virginia in just the last week. health experts say those people contracted a rare form of meningitis from steroid injexdz used to treat back pain. the tainted drug was shipped to doctors and pain clinics across the u.s. from massachusetts. fda has recalled the injections and working tirelessly to contact people that were injected by the drug. this particular strain is caused by a fungus. symptoms can be as severe as stroke and it could take days if not weeks to show. >> the symptoms they are experiencing are sometimes we see in cases of meningitis, such as fever, headache, sometimes neck stiffness. we are also seeing signs or symptoms of stroke, slurred
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speech, sudden weakness. they say this particular time of fungal meningitis is not contagious but they have a list that received the contaminated vials so if you have any questions, be sure and check it out. >> heather: the conflict that was triggered by the 9/11 terrorist attacks the war in afghanistan is entering the 12th year. their mission, just as dangerous and as vital as when the war began. lieutenant colonel will ver north is streaming live in afghanistan with u.s. special ops forces. >> we've been with some of these special forces right since the beginning of this fight. marines landed just south of
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kandahar on this day in 2001. since then we've lost 2,000 americans in this fight. some of them in green on blue events where they've been attacked by those wearing afghan uniforms. the base where we are right now in this province, wardak overlooks the provincial headquarters and capital part of this country. it's gotten chilly this time of the year. one thing that hasn't changed is courage of those that are serving our country here. i want you to meet some of the very special people with whom we're keeping company. >> one war, two brothers, both marine special operators were an inspiring message for the american people. >> you've got a lot of experience working with host nation and with other allies out here. are they going to be able to step up and take responsibility,
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likes ra like 2014? >> yes, they will. they got a lot of work to do. i think they understand that as much as we do. they will be able to stand up for development on their own. >> this is my second time deployment in afghanistan. i just wishing american people would understand there are a lot people that still believe what we're doing out here and willing to come back again and again to prove that point. >> indeed, many of these soldiers, sailors and marines have come back again and again. that message together an an inspiration to us all. >> heather: oliver north, streaming live from afghanistan, thank you.
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>> gregg: there is some warm weather out there. it is creating literally a stinky situation in northern virginia, stink bugs, you know them. one homeowner getting rid of them is full-time job. good news for that homeowner, maria molina has the details. >> we are talking about the end to the warm weather in portions of virginia, carolinas and out in georgia. many people are seeing temperatures well below average even for the month of october. a quick peak at texas, we are 50s in dallas. they are 25 degrees below average. so very cool out across big chunk of the country. 50 over in denver. 59 in rapid city and even cool out in parts of cleveland,
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temperatures in the 40s. 53 in new york city. that is for a strong cold front pushing eastward bringing cooler weather in parts of canada through portions of midwest, great lakes and across the northeast. so very cool air down from canada. in parts of the northeast we are dealing with effects from the cold front, showers in pennsylvania and across some of the great lakes. we have a heavier batch of showers move across the new york city area and parts of massachusetts and connecticut. so we had to deal with heavy downpours. there is a bit of a lull but there are areas of drizzle in northern parts of new jersey and upstate new york. at we head to the southeast, it's not producing a lot of rain. light drizzle across parts of the western carolinas. big impact is the cooler air mass that is settling on in. tonight, very cold out across parts of the plains.
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not as bad in parts of iowa and missouri. last night we were talking about temperatures below 30 degrees, now a little better. 36 in omaha, 33 in garden city and 35 in oklahoma city. now frost advisories in parts of pennsylvania, upstate new york and even some freeze warnings across portions of the great lakes. frosted advisories as far as south as parts of northern texas. >> gregg: thanks very much. just a quick programming note for you tonight. an important documentary, 9:00 eastern time, you wanted to tune in, behind obama's green agenda hosted by brett bair. it exposes on rogue regulators at the epa who appear to have phony evidence to stop energy operations. we'll tell you about a
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sustainability program that some say is aimed at dismantling america's capitalist system. i was shocked. we found, we kept digging for months and months. we spent a lot of time putting this together. we invite people to tune in tonight. 9:00 eastern time. >> heather: it could be a new era for nasa. why a planned launch of an unmanned craft just hours from now may hold the key to a brand-new future for the u.s. space program. >> gregg: a case of apparent bullying with a disturbing twisted as a young student faces her teacher's wrath for wearing a romney-ryan shirt to school. >> you can't wear a republican shirt in a democratic school. >> i expect it from students. >> this is philadelphia, birthplace of freedom.
4:17 pm
we have schools that want to take away her freedom. >> heather: crossing the threshold wasn't enough for these competitive couples. a wife carrying contest, complete with obstacles like widow maker. you have to see it to believe it. for 30 some years at many different park service units across the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter. droid does.
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>>. >> heather: an unmanned privately built spacecraft scheduled for the first launch to the international space station tonight. it's a milestone mission to restore nasa's built to travel back and forth to the space station. nearly two dozen people were arrested during an occupy protest in san francisco. a march turned violent as they allegedly through flares and rocks at police. a train colliding with a semi truck loaded with cars in southern california. with more than 200 passengers on board, crews are on the scene mopping up diesel fuel. three people suffered minor injuries. >> gregg: well, an october scare could be coming for the stock market, if you look at history. historically it's been a tough
4:22 pm
market for wall street. bubbles bursting, who can forget 1987, ouch! and 1929, i remember that was a good year. [ laughter ] >> gregg: the great depression. so far stocks are soaring but main street isn't buying shell-shocked from the most recent crash. take another look. brenda buttner our senior business correspondent. what is the deal with october? >> we have seen a lot of crashes 1929, 1989 and 2008 there was meltdown. halloween because it gets cold. maybe it's just a coincidence. if you look at the last 20 years october is the third best month of the year. so you see crashes then but crashes are different than long term. >> gregg: all right.
4:23 pm
we are still mired in a slow if not stagnant recovery. it really feels to most americans like a recession, like a deep recession. let's put the economic snapshot on the screen. 23 million unemployed, economic growth is 1.3% and trending downward. gas prices has doubled in the last few years. 47 million people on food stamps. that is record. and of course $16 trillion in debt. yet, brenda the stock market is reaching toward new highs on what is essentially the fourth anniversary of the financial crisis. how can that be? >> it is. couple things, stock market is supposed to be leading indicator. things may get better depending on who is elected. there is something called the
4:24 pm
wall of worry. stocks sometimes climb the wall of worry. there are some experts that believe that is what we're doing. right now we're climbing the wall of worry because looking ahead. there is a lot to worry about. so we may see some kind of crash or go sideways in a while. >> you know, invests have pulled $138 billion from stock funds. they put about a trillion in bond funds. they fled the stock market, but there is almost no return on the bond yields are very slow. cds and money markets. should people consider jumping back into the stock market? >> there are two things that motivate people to get into the stock market, fear and greed. right now too fear is basically the issue here. people have gone through a big drop. many people have gone through two drops. they faced the real estate bust
4:25 pm
and internet bust. so if the other issue is going to drop, they are afraid they are going to lose money. they just want their money returned. they are not going to see that in stock market, but overtime, stocks do well. capitalism works. in fact i think you have something else. >> gregg: this graph. if i were 110 years old and invested in the previous century over time. >> that important to see. let's think about it. in 1929, it took 30 years until we saw sustained growth in the dow. again nothing happened. is this one of those times? you can put your money in. it depends how old you. >> from 1980 to now, it's been consistently up. there have been ups and downs. >> you are going to get bull
4:26 pm
markets, it depends. if you want a return in anything less than ten years, your money should not be in the stock market. >> gregg: i'm not going to be 110. >> you are very well preserved. >> 105. >> you can catch. >> heather: neither of you look a day over 21. [ laughter ] >> coming up, many agree that the first presidential debate was a decided win for republicans but with the vice president going toe to toe with paul ryan this week, we'll debated whether the vp debate will carry more weight than in years past and whether the candidates will be able to sway voters with any historic lines like this. remember this? >> senator, i served with jack kennedy, i new jack kennedy,
4:27 pm
jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you are no jack kennedy. [ applause ]
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ask about our risk-free 30-night in-home trial. call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now! >>. >> gregg: president obama campaigning to raise more cash in california. president's battle cry, 30 days to victory. he is calling on celebrity supporters to help him pay for an aggressive campaign against romney. ed henry has more from los angeles. >> reporter: president going in the well once more, doing some celebrity fund-raising even though the campaign just disclosed a couple days, he raised $181 million in the month of september alone. the problem is really not money. it's the possible loss of from the debate performance that some
4:32 pm
advisors came up short. what david axelrod and other advisors are trying to push a narrative this was not the president's force and it was mitt romney lying his way to victory. >> i will be honest with you. i think he was taken aback at the brazenness in which he walked away from positions he run. that is something not to make an adjustment for in these subsequent debates. >> reporter: they reject that charge. they say obama camp that has a five trillion tax cut plan that is falling apart. all eyes is furnishing to the next debate. it's not presidential debate, it's the vice presidential nominees that will be squaring off in kentucky. here is preview. >> paul ryan has been very specific about what he would do in a budget.
4:33 pm
that is a budget that would be bad for our economy, bad for job growth. it would increase taxes on 18 million people. so we have a few more rounds to go in this fight. >> reporter: now, republicans believe it will be a target rich environment to go going in for joe biden. clooney will be and katy perry will be, stevie wonder and all kinds of hollywood a-list with the eyes turning to the vice presidential debate. a lost questions whether that will really have an impact. you have seen some of those big vp debates that really didn't have a big effect in the end on the actual race. >> gregg: ed henry on the stacy keyboard her watch. >> reporter: good to see you. >> gregg: we don't care about george. we are looking for stacy. >> heather: vice presidential candidates getting their one and
4:34 pm
only chance in their own debate. will the vp debate carry more weight than in years past? thank you both for joining us. >> thanks so much. >> i'm going to ask you both, ron i'll begin with you, what are your expectations for this debate coming up on thursday? >> i think this debate can only help the romney campaign and only hurt the obama campaign. last debate between romney and obama, romney cleaned obama's clock. you can tell who won by the poll numbers. having ryan do well in this debate only helps that momentum going forward. at the same time, vice president biden is prone to gaffes. he has talked about the middle-class being in a ditch
4:35 pm
for the last four years. he has been talking about raising taxes, raising trillions of dollars in taxes. having that one soundbite that biden can across with as a gaffe could really hurt. >> heather: do you think we'll see a more aggressive vice president biden? >> i hope so. one thing about the first debate that democrats will learn that mitt romney and paul ryan, they fact checkers they will get into it. they will say things over and over again that are not true. during the debate the vice president needs to say during the debate, paul ryan that is not true. at the time they can't rely on fact checks for after the debate. >> heather: vice president biden has had problems were with his
4:36 pm
own fact checkingers. coming out of the presidential debate, they said that president obama lost the momentum and governor romney gained some momentum. do you think that paul ryan will be able to keep that momentum up? >> i absolutely do. he is great legislator. he has a vision for this country. people, when he was picked as a vice presidential candidate republicans rallied around him. he has been helpful in battleground states like wisconsin. the challenge is for the democrats, they keep saying -- oh, romney lied. guess what? they lost the last debate and they can't get over it. they are now putting this blanketed blame on romney. it's unbelievable to me. why can't they fegss and you say they lost. >> heather: there is some pundits have said they found surprising and that was president obama did not address
4:37 pm
the 47 of or bain capital. do you think biden will do that? >> yes. he should address it, but i think he should address paul ryan's makers versus takers, he said 30%. he didn't say 47%. he said 30% are moochers take from government. there is a lot of material. he clearly has shown given his convention speech that he has an issue with the truth, as well. it's not democrats saying we're not fessing up to losing the debate. guilty is over. we are looking forward and ahead. this is unique opportunity to call ryan out for mistruths and misleading statements he has said over and over again. it's a unique opportunity and i think joe biden is up to the challenge and he will be very aggressive on thursday. >> heather: to wrap up. ron, do you think this vice
4:38 pm
presidential debate will matter more with voters this year and will it change the polls at all? >> we'll have to see. stakes are higher because the momentum is going in the romney direction, so a lot of people are going to watch this as where the race could be going. it gives ryan a chance once again to call biden out on the fact that he wants to raise trillions of dollars in taxes and he wants to talk about why is the middle-class has done poorly over the last four years during the obama administration. i do think it will be game changer. >> heather: thank you so much for joining us. thank you very much. a reminder we are five days away from the first and only debate and fox news, between ryan and biden will talk about foreign and domestic policy. we will have live coverage
4:39 pm
beginning at 8:55 p.m. >> the man accused of murdering trayvon martin cars lawsuit. what producers did that made him sound like a racist in his infamous 911 call. >> heather: a simple t-shirt supporting governor romney sets off a series of events. a student kicked out of class just for wearing this shirt. they say the fallout just won't stop. and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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>>. >> gregg: george zimmerman considering a defamation lawsuit against nbc. he is awaiting a trial in the shooting death of trayvon martin. nbc aired and edited investigation of a call he made during the incident back in february. take a listen to the clip that nbc aired. >> this guy looks like he is up to no good.
4:44 pm
he looks black. >> gregg: an attorney calls it outrageous because here is the full clip. >> this guy look like he is up to no good or on drugs or something. he is walking around and looking about. >> and is he black or hispanic? >> he looks black. >> gregg: let's bring in our news analyst. mercedes, the edited version makes him sound like all he cares about, alleged victim is african-american, makes i am sound like a racist. in truth he was answering a question? >> isn't that unbelievable. it is so outrageous. bravo for zimmerman and to say this is outrageous. there are death threats. there are prospective juror box you were targeting that boy because he was black. >> gregg: defamation is difficult thing to prove.
4:45 pm
it's a false statement that damages someone's good name and reputation. here is what he has to prove. in order to win. "a" that was a false statement. "b" that it damaged his name. "c" that he had a good name to be damaged this assault important one, did nbc know it was false or act recklessly. that only applies if he is a public figure. is he? >> i believe he is a public figure, involuntary public figure. he didn't want to be a public figure, when you are charged with a crime, high profile crime like this you become a public figure. that goes up. great or reckless disregard. that is high burden to prove. >> gregg: but the producer who helped put together the clip
4:46 pm
with the editor had to know that it was false actors tone een with malice? >> reckless disregard to for the truth. he heard him responding to the question. was he hispanic or black. to eliminate that entire part. >> i think he will respond it wasn't actual malice. it was an editor's error. it was an honest mistake and was retracted. >> gregg: that is the issue. >> seriously, this is absolutely outrageous, reckless conduct. >> gregg: i can see it. people are under pressure, editors and producers, cut down the soundbite and they don't think about the consequences. >> this is months and months ago. we didn't know or they may not have known, this is what i would
4:47 pm
argue if i were nbc but this will be such a germane issue. >> gregg: here is the deal mercedes, when a defendant or news organization immediately makes a correction or retraction an apology as nbc did within days, ended up firing a bunch of people over it -- doesn't that lessen zimmerman's damages? >> it really depends on the injury to his reputation. fact he is targeting this young man because of his race. the fact that he could ultimately face that in a criminal charge. >> jury will decide that. it has nothing to do. it has nothing to do with nbc said. >> gregg: defamation is civil and, of course, the first trial that will occur is the criminal case. mercedes, lis, good to see you both. >> heather: it was a simple but direct challenge to governor
4:48 pm
mitt romney before last week's debate. >> for romney this debate is all about being able to prove several things. most importantly he is not a bad person that dislikes everyone. he has 90 minutes. >> heather: do so did romney advice take advice from campaign insiders. campaign insiders straight ahead. you know it can be hard to breathe, and how that feels. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate.
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. outrage in philadelphia over a governor romney t-shirt. a teacher demanding that an honor student leave her class for wearing this pro romney shirt to school. a 16-year-old samantha describes what happened. >> i came in. she said, you are wearing a mitt romney shirt. she said take it out of class. i said no. she took a red mark earned a tried to draw on it and she would give me a different shirt. >> heather: the teacher has since apologized but the family is still being harassed. she has received threats from other fellow students. should someone be held responsible?
4:53 pm
mike and satita join us. thanks for joining us. thanks for being here. who was in the wrong here. was the teacher wrong? >> you know, let me tell you something, everybody is off the mark here. emplurbis union, we have got a lot of opinions we need to learn how to disagree without being disagreeable. samantha is child. she should be taught in the context of the educational system to not be defensive of her position. she needs to learn how to defend her position. there is a 13-year-old girl in ro chest the fer who wrote an essay criticizing the substandards.
4:54 pm
she was an a student have student and now she is getting a b. >> this student was a victim of a bully. she was being bullied not by a student, not by a teacher but by a union member posing as a teacher. this union member, yes, let me make my point here. she had been empowered by her union she could do no wrong. she will never get fired. she took that power and used to harass a student. sa. she is still getting paid and not fired. how do i know this is true? because she said this is democrat school. she what she meant to say this is a democrat union and this that republican shirt is threat to my guaranteed job. they are guaranteed job factories, union members get a job. >> heather: he does make a couple good points. one of the things.
4:55 pm
it was said teacher said you can't wear a republican student in a democratic school. that bothered me. then the second thing, she had not been fired. should she be fired? >> no, i don't like that. full disclosure, i am a union member and i'm a registered democrat but i prefer to be an independent because i vote and think independently. that said, this is patriotic issue. this is something that republicans and democrats do. people that are unions or outside of unions. we need to grow up and do better than this. they are learning this intolerance from their parents. >> heather: but it was the teacher being intolerant here. we do wanted to be fair and take a look at school system. here is what they have to say. the student was expressing her right to freedom of speech and
4:56 pm
did not violated any rules. the school system is standing up for the student. we'll see what happens with this particular case and hopefully, the student can go back to school and not be harassed. >> god blesser. >> heather: thank you. >> we'll be back with a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. stay with us. [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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5:00 pm
>> welcome to brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> glad you are with us. the polls are showing that the race to the white house is train ing minute by minute in key swing states. >> after the predictions for the first presidential debate, we invited them back. >> it is freedom sunday, pastors taking a stand fighting for the rights to endorse political candidates and risking the wrath of the i.r.s. >> and bill o'reilly facing off against comic jon stewart, the debate so popular it crashed the website. get what? we have highlights for you. >>heather: first, governor romney campaigning in a 30-day sprint to election day. the governor laying out the plan
5:01 pm
for america in the battle ground state of florida. and making comments about his lively hailed performance on wednesday night during the debate. john roberts joins us live from florida. what is romney up to now? >>reporter: well, good evening. hard to believe, after all of this we are down to the final 30 days. the governor is leaving florida. he is headed up to the airport now to fly to virginia. he is going to lexington, virginia, wrap up up a three-day campaign swing in the horse race of florida, which is difficult to see a win without florida. the chief strategist is predicting victory in the sunshine state. certainly a lot of folks at the campaign event were down-hearted until wednesday's debate are newly energized. governor romney look forward to the next debate a week from tuesday and looking back at the
5:02 pm
campaign rally at president obama's performance back on wednesday night. >> i am convinced you all had the chance to her haze answers or his nonanswers. now, days later we hear the excuses. next january, we will be watching hip leave the white house for the last time. >> the reason why romney going to lexington, virginia, the virginia military institute to deliver a foreign policy speech. the obama campaign trying to get out in front of that saying that governor romney fails the commander in chief test on every level. >>heather: we can hear them clinging up behind you and moving them out. what does the obama campaign say about romney's attacks? >> the obama campaign expressing the case that governor romney is a fibber or a liar with a brand
5:03 pm
new ad saying that everything, virtually everything governor romney said at the debate on wednesday was not truthful. but president obama still is facing questions about his performance on wednesday night. a chief advisor was asked about it this morning. >> it is not rocket science to believe that the president was disappointed in the expectation that he has if himself. i think you are going to see a very engaged president that is ready and willing to call out whichever mitt romney shows up. >> the romney campaign is wondering which president obama will show up at the next debate. they expect he will be tough and forceful but it is a town-maul -- town-haul debate so there is a real fine line being bullying and forceful.
5:04 pm
>>heather: thank you, john roberts. >> president obama is spending the day in the biggest blue state, or one of them, california. he arrived for a private event in los angeles minutes ago. that will be followed by a "30 days to victory concert," in los angeles. a big roster of celebrity supporters. he will make remarks along with actor george clooney and here musical performances by jennifer hudson, katy perry and stevie wonder. >> one of the most closely watched u.s. senatations this year is in a dead heat. the outcome of the race could tilt the power of the senate toward the g.o.p. connecticut democratic congressman serious murphy and republican facing off in a fiery live debate. the topic? creating jobs and the economy. >> i know she made her living making up stories in a wrestling
5:05 pm
ring but it is not okay to make them up when you run for the senate. my plan to create jobs is rooted in the work i have done in public service, focusing tax cuts on the middle class not by focusing on affluent and the rich. >> congressman more any, -- congressman murphy, you thought this would be a coronation but now you in a serious race with a serious woman and you have to resort to these policies? >>heather: the two are fighting for the seat held now by joe lieberman, an independent, who retiring. >>gregg: new developments in the deadly meningitis outbreak sweeping the united states and the new england pharmacy now rahming of the product. the company said the move was taken out of an abundance of caution because the risk of contamination is high.
5:06 pm
the centers for disease control reporting there are 91 cases of meningitis in nine states. at least seven people have died. >>heather: a political battle breaking out over the number one issue to americans this election season: jobs. on friday, the labor department reporting that the unemployment rate for september is at 7.8 percent. the obama campaign touting that number showing the economy is picking up steam, the republicans, they say the actual job picture is far bleaker because that number does not account for millions of americans who are underemployed or who is simply given up looking for work. now, live for us in washington. doug we talked about a tweet from jack welch. did that ignite the controversy? >>reporter: the recovery surrounding friday's release of the unemployment numbers continues to swirl after jack welch, the respected former
5:07 pm
c.e.o. of g.e. treated "unbelievable jobs numbers. the chicago guys will do anything. can't debate? change numbers." facing criticism if the tweet he stuck by the criticism of the numbers. >> this number is made up of a whole mess of assumptions: who is participating, who is not working, who is trying for work, who has dropped out. it just begs the question. i think there ought to be a good discussion how this number is calculated. >>reporter: most analysts and the obama campaign are dismanage the criticisms as "without evidence." >> we wonder why institutions in this country are, the perception of institutions are failing, because people go on tv and make sufficient h stuff -- make stuff up.
5:08 pm
>> they had full charge of the first two years and the policies this president put into place actually made it worse, including the fact that obamacare is tale, if you ask employers, causing them not to hire because of rising health care costs. >>reporter: the september report deprives the romney campaign that unemployment is above 8 percent for all of the entire obama presidency. that, obviously; in longer the case. hit health republican -- >>heather: ins say the underemployment rate could be more meaningful. why? >>reporter: that is unchanged. 9 labor department reported 582,000 new part-time jobs were created last month. in other words, people cannot find full-time work so they are settling for part-time jobs. for too many members that does not pay the bills. >>heather: thank you, doug. >>gregg: tensions in spain with a new round of economic protests breaking out in dozens
5:09 pm
of cities. tens of thousands of protests are filling the streets upset with the cuts in government spending. one the biggest demonstrations taking place in madrid. there were 20,000 people marching there. protesters say that the austerity cuts will only increase unemployment and job insecurity. the jobless rate in spain already is nearly 25 percent. health thousands of pastors fighting for their right to preach politics just in time for election day, pulpit freedom sunday, a movement of pastors taking a stand against a federal law that prohibits them from publicly endorsing political candidates. and now, live from new york city with more on this. >> the candidate, the issues, all are fair game today. preachers taking part in freedom sunday saying bring it on. >> they are challenging the i.r.s. to charge them with
5:10 pm
violating their tax, sherman status as a religious institutions. pastors say churches belong at front line of america's political frontier. >> to silence the pulpits mean we are abandoning the call to te the moral voice of society. it will not be silence of the lambs. >> this is a challenge to the 1954 johnson amendment preventing nonprofit charities and churches from endorsing or supporting political candidates and was added to the tax code by senator johnson at the time. some say it was way to silence the critics of his policy. an attorney which is organizing the movement says the law is unconstitutional. >> the i.r.s. has no business making a theological determination that certain top ins are off limits if you are having church on the weekend. >> organizations like americans united for a separation of
5:11 pm
church and state say the johnson amendment must be upheld to provide the divide between faith and politics. >> what is at stake is the integrity of churches. they are not political action committees. people do not go to church if the purpose of hearing who to vote for. they go there for spiritual solace. they good for personal instruction to learn about their holy scriptures not to be told who is the best president. >>heather: this is the 5th year for public freedom sunday, and the number has thrown threefold from last year, with the goal to get congress to vote their values on election day. >>heather: thank you from new york city, lauren. >>gregg: venezuela and a possible turning point, with voters voting for the president. the stakes are huge. chavez is a fierce critic of the united states and is vying for a
5:12 pm
third term but he is facing the most serious challenge ever to his rule. his opponent is promising to take venezuela in a new direction. steve is like in miami with this story. steve, is this really a legitimate election? >>reporter: it is very tough to tell based on polls inside venezuela. they do have a sophisticated voting system and the number of outside analysts say it will be a fair election. the question is, if one person does hold all the power as chavez does, he controls the media and the courts, he controls billions in oil money, can they have a fair democratic election? it is clear this will be a test for chavez, perhaps the first different in his 14 years of rule inside venezuela. he has had a number of things that have brought him down in the polls: high inflation, the highest murder rates, electric power outages. he is still enjoying strong support from the poor and he
5:13 pm
subsidizes housings and that gives him support. he has battled cancer the past year, but now he says he is cancer free. this time around he has a young, energetic opponent and he is 40 years old, a firm governor who has crisscrossed the country giving chavez the first fight in 14 years. in southern florida we have seen thousands from venezuela making the long trip to new orleans to vote at the consulate in miami which was closed by chavez and many say they are going to vote whatever it takes to vote against chavez even a 16-hour bus drive. >>gregg: it looks like chavez wants to be on "dancing with the stars" right there. we await the election results. >>heather: a couple claiming top prize in the 13,000 annual north american wife carrying championship. this is no family picnic race.
5:14 pm
no way. take a look. 50 couples braving a log hurdle, a pond, and a sand trap on the 278-yard obstacle course. the winners earn cash prices as they cross the finish line. the first was there in under 53 seconds. >> you can run so fast but...the hand very careful. >>heather: the winning couple has won the world-wide wife carrying championship four years in a row. i want to know right there, what would kate do if you were carrying her backwards upside down through mud? >>gregg: i would trip, surely and we would both be in it.
5:15 pm
>>gregg: you might have seen governor romney's performance at the first presidential debate but before that happened, did you catch this? >> what does romney have to do? >> romney needs to articulate a plan as to what he is going to do to change america. pat's right, he has to make himself accessible to the american people. beyond that, unless people get a sense that he has a clear alternative vision for the country and specific approaches to get there, he will not succeed. >>gregg: was the romney campaign watching "campaign insiders" that day? more on that ahead. >>heather: october is anti-bullying month and a horrifying case of bullying a young girl allegedly tormented by a grown man. my doctor told me calcium
5:16 pm
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>>heather: growing economic uncertainty having a possible
5:20 pm
impact on america's future business and women. according to a recent survey, more than half of all u.s. business schools have seen a steep decline in applications. and a fox news senior business corporate and the anchor of "bulls & bears organization joins us with more on this. why the decline? >> it is an amazing decline, two out of three business schools are seeing a decline in applications. the main reason is the problem in the economy. there is a path you take going into business. you work for two years, you get an mba, that is a two-year program, you go out and make more money. in this economy you will leave a job you have to go take on debt and not necessarily make more money? that's the gamble. you do not know what to do. a lot of people want to stay in a job if they have one. >>heather: the debt can add up. a student said he would amass
5:21 pm
$50,000 over two years and that would be to go to the mba program. >>guest: the top schools it can be up to $100,000 if you are really borrowing everything including room and board. it is a lost money. >>heather: is it worth it? does it translate in this economy specifically in terms of getting a higher salary? >>guest: a lost times it puts you on a different track. it is hard to say how much money that means. you can be on a more managerial track. historically, the place where people go when they have an mba, they went to wall street and you could make a lot more money. the problem is the financial services industry, since 2008, has contracted quite a bit. there are not that many jobs. people who get an mba do not necessarily automatically get a job. they have to network more, amy for more jobs, they cannot necessarily go to wall street, they think in broader terms.
5:22 pm
maybe they do not need the mba to make the managerial track that the degree would give. >>heather: that is what people want to know right now in this job market, how to get a job. as you said, people this have a job, how to keep it. >>guest: they don't want to give it up. >>heather: you can catch brenda on "bulls & bears," on saturday mornings right here on the fox business network at 10:00 a.m. >>gregg: october is national bullying prevention awareness month. bullying takes on many forms. it is pervasive these days. it is verbal, physical, and over the internet and a community in ohio is rallying around a special young girl who was teased by a grown man. now, like in new york city. this story breaks my heart. >>reporter: and a lot of others, too. numerous bullying stories have surfaced and we have an update on the ten-year-old who has
5:23 pm
cerebral palsy. her parents say she was mocked for the way she walked. hope has to use braces because she has cerebral palsy. a nine-year-old teased her for a year and now the dad joined in. the grandmother recorded this video showing the neighbor, william bailey, limping which enranged viewers and her parents. the community had a pizza party to show support, and drawing attention to bull leg as a whole. we now hear from the father who says he "loves that little girl," and that a work injury is to blame for the way he was walking. her parents are not buying it. >> you hit so hard your ribs are bruised or broken, so when you go like this you are holding the ribs for pressure. >> i am not even sure what to say but that was a horrible excuse for doing what he did.
5:24 pm
>> other bullying complaints are coming to light, a disturbing attack with a boy beaten unconscious as others stand by and watch. and a missouri mentally challenged teen who found out kids were plotting a homecoming prank to pelt eggs at her and quack like a duck. this is only a handful of what has been reported there recently. school dropout rates are much higher for kids who are bullied than those who bully others are maureen to become spouse abusers as well as child abusers. it is a heartbreaking think and it keeps on going generation after generation. >>gregg: it is sad. fortunately there are some people out there that are doing something about it. a week from today we will tell you a story about that, the good side, people really trying to stop the bullying. thank you. >>heather: coming up, president obama campaigning in
5:25 pm
tinsel town teaming up with the biggest stars in an effort to raise as much campaign cash as possible. >> what is the obama staff telling the president to do? he has not debated for four years. it is hard to debate and practice a sitting president, you don't talk to him the way it may be in a debate. he needs to stick to the lines he is using on the stump. >>gregg: maybe the obama campaign should have taken advise from our campaign insiders. that is why you should be watching them. coming up, they will be here. what they say both candidates have to do before the final two debates.
5:26 pm
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>>heather: welcome back at the bottom the hour and time for the top of the news. the pharmacy that distributed steroids linked to the deadly
5:30 pm
meningitis out break in the united states recalling their products. the centers for disease control reporting there are 91 cases of meningitis in nine states. at least seven people have died. shock at pump: a gas station in california is charging $6.65 a gallon. the state-wide average is $4.65. >> governor romney drawing on his debate success campaigning in the crucial battleground state of florida. governor romney telling voters these are tough years for the middle class and the poor in america. >> now to president obama on the ground in california. campaigning to raise as much cash as possible in the crucial weeks leading up to the election. the president's theme is 30 days to victory. he is calling on celebrities to help pay for an aggress wive campaign against governor romney. ed henry is live in los angeles
5:31 pm
with more on this. >>reporter: they need the must be in the final push for campaign ads and get-out-the-vote, both tighting tooth and nail in the states, the president announced the campaign pulled in $181 million in the move september alone so the problem is not money. it is a lack of momentum, perhaps, a change in that moment up. he had been up but suddenly the debate performance that even some of the top advisors today on the sunday talk show circuit acknowledged was not good enough, that is a real problem, a real challenge for him, so axelrod and other top advisors are trying to push a narrative that the only reason why romney won is me lied his way through the debate. >> the president did plenty of homework. the difference is that governor romney went to give a performance, he gave a good performance, homework entails internalizing facts. governor romney was about the
5:32 pm
business of distorting them and ignoring them. >>reporter: romney camp was on the circuit pushing back on that charge and insisting that it is the president's claim that governor romney has a $5 trillion tax cut, that claim is falling apart. they say that real problem in the debate was the president's record. take a listen. >> the debate was a reset of the campaign. it gave an opportunity for the american people, to, first, debunk the myths created by the obama campaign about false advertising on governor romney. we saw the mitt romney i know and the american people saw that. >> in terms of fundraising tonight he will be here in los angeles, and george clooney, katy perry, among some of the folks at the fundraiser. you can see the list, jennifer hudson, stevie wonder. george clooney a few months ago in los angeles raised $15
5:33 pm
million for the obama campaign at an event. there will be 6,000 people at concert so you can get how much money will be raked in. >>heather: thank you, ed henry, reporting like. who would you rather see, george clooney or katy perry? >>gregg: are you kidding me? katy perry, especially with blue hair. >> the first presidential debate in the latest jobs report having a major impact on the race if the white house. according to the latest rasmussen, governor romney leads president obama with two percentage points following wednesday night's debate. also, the latest gallup poll giving president obama a slight lead over governor romney with 49 percent. now we will bring in john
5:34 pm
leboutillier, former republican congressman from new york, and pat caddell, former pollster for jimmy carter, and doug schoen, a former pollster if bill clinton. doug, the rasmussen poll is more accurate because it is strictly post debate? >>doug: gallup is seven days, scott rasmussen polls three days moving average so it is all post debate. he shows four points of movement in his national polling which puts obama from a narrow lead to a narrow deficit. effectively, though, this race is deadlocked. when we get to the swing states we will see that. >>gregg: people call this a bounce for romney. >> but a bounce does not last in >>pat: this could be the most significant debate in terms of impact other than reagan's debate against carter in affecting the race. debates usually do not move numbers. romney is getting real movement out of the debate. what it does and what has
5:35 pm
happened, romney's favorable rating has skyrocketed. we saw that among uncommitted voters in the cbs poll, after the debate, and we talked about this last week, 30 percent of the people say he cared about them, it doubled to 53 percent. he did what we suggested. by the way that is the important thing, changing the structure of the race. that now ahead it a real close race, not just in numbers but in context. >>gregg: in all of the attack ads over the last six months, $100 million has been spent by the obama campaign demonizing mitt romney and i think the public expectation was expecting this crazed guy who kills people. those were the ads and suddenly on wednesday night they see a guy who is pretty reasonable. >> he did the best job any candidate could possibly have done. i cannot find fault with
5:36 pm
anything romney did. >> reagan said he was better than his dad in 1980. >> what it has done, it has altered the passion differential we have talked about since the conventions, republicans extra been down in -- republicans have been down in the mouth, and in an hour and a move, the democrats are mad at obama and republicans are unified again. the crowds show it, he raised $12 million since the debate if three days. >>gregg: now the polls from the swing states. we have talked about this a lot. look at this. romney, ahead now in florida, north carolina, ohio and virginia. >> not ohio. >> ohio is down by one. >> he was so far behind. >> what we are seeing, in florida, which is a republican-leaning state if the
5:37 pm
race is tied, governor romney has a slight advantage. north carolina, he should win, as well. ohio is the key. all the swing states, including virginia, can go to governor romney but unless he wins ohio, he cannot win the election. ohio is now close to deadlocked. >>gregg: governor romney was down double digit. >> he was down in ohio, certainly. i don't know about double digits. notice news organization which spent all the money doing the state polls, we have not had one poll since the debate talking about the effect, favorability and other things. i will say this: one of the things that has happened, the race has the disconnect -- romney should you'd this, the $200 million or more spent making him into an eager and the president never made the charges. i would be out there torpedoing
5:38 pm
obama's add very advertising, why won't he say it himself? >> i put up the real clear politics electoral map because there are changes. 251-181. you need 270. president obama is in the heed. he did have, can you put up the electoral college map in he did have ohio. that now is in the contested column. romney loses month, both move to swing states. talk to us about this, congressman? >> it is what we have been saying. if romney heals himself, and he went a long way in doing, it will affect the national picture and all the states will go in line with that. he has done that. here is the thing. we have 30 days left. the mitt romney we saw on wednesday night, we have to see it again and again and again. and his campaign, greg, needs to make us see him.
5:39 pm
we are a little stressed in analyzing this race that since thursday morning they are not capitalizing well enough. their tv ads are not running clips from the debate highlighting the great performance. it is not on the ads. >> it has changed a little bit. i want to ask you about the performants because people say well, that was not really president obama, he was off the game. if you actually watch president obama without a teleprompter in news conferences, he fumbles, stumbles and mumbles, he goes on and on like a recovery and he never answered the question. >> that is true. he did not draw a clear distinction between him record and the positions that governor romney has taken. john is right, he did not make the kind of charges he has made successfully about cutting medicare and medicaid, social security. the bottom line, romney was able
5:40 pm
to move to the center, obama fell apart, i think, even worse than you are saying. he looked like he was not up to the job. >> that is consistent with what he does in news conferences. >> i would have a camera out there the next day showing him back on the teleprompter saying, back on the teleprompter, back on the attack. the thing is, doug is right. romney talked about working together bipartisanly which appeals to a lot of voters particularly we democrats. he did not sound partisan the he talked about obamacare. he made the philosophical --. >> he promised the middle class he would not raise the taxes. >>gregg: the first presidential debate could be a major game changer. will the next debate have as much of an impact? we will hear from our campaign insiders. ♪
5:41 pm
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♪ out of the darkness and into the sun ♪ ♪ i won't forget all the ones that i love ♪ ♪ i gotta take a risk, take a chance, make a change, and break away ♪ >>heather: now a quick check of the headlines. new developments into the
5:45 pm
investigation of the attack in libya. the house oversight committee subpoenaing the head security, a move after the details emerge about the attack that killed four americans september 11th. >> a commuter train hit as truck and three people suffered minor injuries on the tracks. a privately built rocket with supplies to the international space station is set to blast off tonight. nasa is turning to private business to restock the space station since the end of the space shuttle program. >>gregg: 30 days until election day and nine days until the next debate. what does each candidate need to do going forward considering the stunning outcome from last week's debate? we have our campaign insiders. i want to talk about the vice president debate which is coming
5:46 pm
up this next week of the congressman, how do you see this shaking out? >> i see from the romney and ryan point of view, something heather announced about the lt. colonel being subpoenaed to come to congress and testify, this is the achilles' heel of obama and biden. they are in charge. they screwed up. clearly. if i were ryan and his people, i open up this debate this week and go right after biden, mr. foreign policy expert, and say you guys were asleep at switch. you had the president going off to fundraisers in las vegas while the people were being dragged through the streets of benghazi. i would tick off biden. because that is when he is liable to lose it. >>gregg: the "washington post" is calling it benghazi-gate. the president already is after more than 40 months of unemployment above 8 percent now is touting the down tick to 7.8
5:47 pm
percent. is that just a digit or is it meaningful? will people vote based on that? >> i have to say this, we have two reports, two surveys, one with 100,000 losses of new jobs, one had 800,000 new jobs, we cannot fine the 700,000. there was an important article, the number of people unemployed or underemployed is the same in the survey that claimed it went down. the reason that people are skeptical is it the same labor department that is telling companies not to follow the law of sequestration. >>gregg: so you are saying there are ideologues in the labor department? >> that is what some think. they have this so messed up no one can figure it out. >>gregg: the counter to the poor debate performance by the obama campaign is that romney
5:48 pm
lied. is that going to work? >>doug: it has worked so hard. they have gone negative, gone $181 million with george clooney and a cast of thousands, they will raise tens of millions more. they believe that what they have done so far to attack him on tax cuts, on his business career, and on his taxes paid, has been successful. they are going to run against what they believe is the real mitt romney. i'm not sure if governor romney does with we have suggested on campaigning insiders, what he needs to do, an alternative vision --. >> this thing with the president getting away when they use words like "liar" in front of people, the president cannot do that at town meeting thing. romney, if i were him, i would turn to him and say, am i a liar or do we disagree? i would not let up on that. if the president goes too
5:49 pm
negative, he is the man that is supposed tonify the country. >> you take that risk. >> he will end up lose doing that. >>gregg: is it unpresidental? does he diminish himself? >> that is why he didn't do it the other night, he was waiting for jim lehrer to ask the tough questions. >> i think high lost his game and nerve in that debate. >>gregg: he will bring up the next time they talk about domestic policy, the 47 percent remark. >> what romney did was smart the he acknowledged we all make mistakes. i misspoke, it happens, it takes it off the table for most. not everyone. but it was the right thing to do going on sean hannity. >>gregg: and bain capital, going office that does it resonate? >> this is an audience of people who will ask the question. they do not like negative campaigning. if the president goes this way i
5:50 pm
am telling you, if i were romney, this is a dream if you do it right. >>gregg: he could pick up votes, if he hangs out with stacey keebler. >> she may not be hanging out much longer with george clooney. >>gregg: you guys have yankee ties on, right? you were there monday night? you are the good luck charm. >> we got them in the playoffs and we need to get them in the series. >>gregg: thanks so you. more our campaign insiders every monday at 10:30 a.m., monday and they will be back here next sunday.
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>>gregg: and tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern, you will want to tune in for "behind obama's green agenda," exposing rogue regulators at epa who have falsified evidence to stop energy companies in their operations and a so-called sustainability program that some say aims to dismantle america's
5:55 pm
capitalist system. you could be shocked by what we cover at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >>heather: you were shocked? >>gregg: stunned. stunned. >>heather: the presidential debate was not the only heavyweight bout, bill o'reilly duked it out with jon stewart facing off online last night with the proceeds going to charity. the event was called "the rumble in the air conditioned auditorium." >> income redistribution. do you believe in it? >> do you? >> no! >> i asked first. >> i believe in social security. do you believe in social security? >> absolutely. >> so we are both socialists. >> no, no. >> social security is income redistribution. >> no. >> you pay into it.
5:56 pm
>> you do not pay into it what you get out of it. >> you pay into a cumulative effect. >>heather: you can see were more of this slug fest tomorrow night airing at 8:00 p.m. eastern, right here on fox. good stuff. >>gregg: and bill is 6' so jon stewart had an electric riser that kept going up-and-down, funny stuff. bill wins on height alone. >>heather: of course. >>gregg: that does it for us. >>heather: fox news sunday with chris wallace is up next. >>gregg: have a wonderful week, everyone. do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪
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